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Piercing Blow and Weary

Sun 14 Aug 2022, 22:17

If i, as a hero, become weary and gets a piercing blow do I ignore 1-3 when rolling for the protection test?

If you do how do you explain thar your Armour gets worse just because you're weary?
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Re: Piercing Blow and Weary

Mon 15 Aug 2022, 05:21

Page 99:

"Characters hit by a Piercing Blow must immediately roll a Feat Die, plus a number of Success Dice equal to the PROTECTION value of the armour worn (if the attack made the character Weary, the PROTECTION Test is made before the Weariness sets in)."

Using armor effectively involves positioning it properly against an incoming blow. A Weary character is not going to do as well with this and is in general going to be slower to react, making Piercing Blows more dangerous.

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