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Fri 10 Jun 2022, 13:20

Hello, Has there been any discussion around multi-profession characters
I don't know if this is allowed but I would like to see some guidelines for it, if it is.
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Re: Multi-profession

Fri 10 Jun 2022, 16:20

Its not allowed in any official rules.

As for house rules I dislike the idea of having a talent that only acts as an xp sink, i.e. buy this talent, it does nothing for you right now (as that is no fun). Then buy your secondary class.
I also dislike the idea of having to pay a premium like x3 xp to increase a multiclass, cause in the end you might want to become better in your new profession then your old, and then you might be better off just killing yourself and rolling a new character (not fun).
Finally there is the idea that multiclassing bars you from your old profession, and I don't really like that either.

So I allow player's to multi class freely as long as they have two levels in ALL the other professions starting skills.
Kind of like "sure you want to be a sorcerer, but then you got to learn the way of the sorcerer first".
It is also good because professions that are further from each other like "Druid + Sorcerer" is harder to accomplish, then "Rider + Champion" as they share less starting skills.

So far only one of my players have multiclassed. From Champion to "Champion + Druid (Healing)" because he wanted a more Paladin like feeling with lay-on-hand.
But in I have however also lowered the cost of level 2 skills from 10 xp down to 5 and that helped a lot (using Reforged Power house rules).
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Re: Multi-profession

Tue 21 Jun 2022, 03:30

I allow players to buy into other profession talents using the rules for magic talents.

Without someone to teach you it costs 3x the Exp. Buying into other profession magic talents costs another 3x. So 6x without a trainer.
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Re: Multi-profession

Fri 12 Aug 2022, 11:25

I'm thinking of allowing "dual-classing" in my campaign. WIP house rules:

- PCs are allowed to take a talent from another class INSTEAD of one of the talents from their original class. You can never take more than 3 class talents total.
- This talent will cost 5 xp more per level (considered double cost, but that might be too much) (note: we've house ruled talents to cost 5 x level instead of 3)
- You can only take a talent from a class if you have at least 3 in the attribute which is that class' main attribute (e.g. you need strength 3 to take a fighter talent). I considered requiring 4 or that you can only get levels in that talent equal to your attribute score -1, but that felt too restrictive and I don't want to give my players more incitement to min-max.
- Might also require them to have at least some levels in a skill associated with that class. Not sure, just thought of it.

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