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Re: Q's: Hiding Camp, Movement

Mon 08 Aug 2022, 13:10

@Fenhorn apologies - I edited my post before refreshing so missed your follow-up post.
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Re: Q's: Hiding Camp, Movement

Wed 10 Aug 2022, 12:13

Yup like Baldrick said the art of failure thing is pretty vague, it mostly implies to "story shouldn't stop with failure", meaning the players fail but they still should have somethiing to go along with. Not extra problems. Therefore "consequences" as we know them from pbta or FiTD -games are not really hard wired into YZE. At least not in Twilight. Of course this is only a problem if the group and the GM don't see eye to eye when it comes to consequences of failure. In our table it is taken for granted that if you fail a roll (and also fail the push) then GM might inflict some sort of consequence in addition to the failure, even when trying to run extra hex or two or hide a camp.

But lets say I were to GM a game in an "official Free League gaming convention" for completely new players. Then during game one of them fails hide camp roll and I tell them that they accidentally break groups tent when trying to hide it. Now would that go over well with everyone? Would a player be able to go "wait a minute, why is this happening? Where does it say so?" And tbh he is kinda right, nowhere in RAW does it say that the GM is allowed to do that. The closest we have would be "The Referee always has the final say regarding the consequences of failure in a particular situation." (p.44)
And while Fenhorn is right that not everything can be written down in rules, I would still argue that "consequences" for failed rolls are not that much present in the TW 4e RAW, except in cases where they have been explicitly stated (make camp mishaps etc)
So is what me and my group doing against the RAW? Not that we care since this is the beauty of the hobby: you can play as you want.

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