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Staffing a keep, question about salaries

Thu 04 Aug 2022, 16:59

First of, I only have the swedish version so the egnlish terms might not be completly right.

We are looking at taking over a keep we've "liberated" to have someplace we can retreat to and spend the winters, while out adventuring, but that means we'll need some staff to take care of it while we are away.

Does the daily salary for each servant cover their room and food as well, or are you expected to give the room and food in addition to their salary?

There might of course be cause for some negotiations based on the exact location of the keep in regards to the village or what ever we reqruit the staff from, but I'm curios on what the "baseline" would be. Salary + room and food, or just salary for the work and the rest they take care of themselves.
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Re: Staffing a keep, question about salaries

Fri 05 Aug 2022, 15:12

It's easiest to assume that the only book-keeping you need to do is for the daily pay and everything else is handled by the NPC off board. Otherwise you will very quickly get mired down in spreadsheets and logistics.

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