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Ship Building

Sun 24 Jul 2022, 10:14

I have a few questions about ship building.

Firstly, do the 3 main modules count towards the 20 modules in a Tier IV ship or are the 20 just additional modules?

I have a crew of 3 people, maybe 4 but he might drop. They wanna be explorers and archeologists.

They wanted a Tier IV. Is this too big for them?
In the 20 Modules they decided to take every existing module at least once.
They took Suit Cabins once because in Tier IV those are 5 rooms and coffin cabin once for other people who might fly with them.
They chose 2x cargo bay because they want space for stuff like salvaging ships and wanted 3 weapon modules.
In the VTT you can put quantity 3 in one weapon module which counts as 3 towards the 20, correct? The weapons themselves are in those 3 or do they take another slot? So are 3 weapons 3 slots or 6 slots?

Tomorrow we have our first game and we had sessions zero on Friday but now I fear we might have done something wrong. If the 3 core modules don't count to the 20 they still got 2 slots open (as long as we counted weapon system and weapons correctly with 3).

Pls help.. :(
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Re: Ship Building

Tue 26 Jul 2022, 21:56

To my understanding the 3 main modules count towards the 20 (so you have 17 to allocate as you please). Each weapon system counts as 1 slot. A class IV ship comes at a price of around 3 mio. birr - that's a steep debt to work off! Service is also going to be expensive. But I don't see anything apart from the high pressure to earn big money real soon keeping you from getting a class IV. Crew is listed as 5, so with 1 or 2 NPCs to man stations your players can't you should be ok.
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Re: Ship Building

Thu 04 Aug 2022, 22:14

In the swedish version it clearly says it´s in addition to the 3 mandatory modules (bridge, reactor, graviton projector) every ship has a number of free modules, the number depends on the ships class. And then refers to the table. So I would say a class-4 can pick 20 free modules.

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