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Using Hope to power especially powerful magic item

Sun 24 Jul 2022, 21:55

As I start creating custom magic items, I'm tempted to have my players come across something spectacular. I've had a thought that Hope could serve as a sort of Mana to power, and to limit the use of, magical effects of a particularly powerful wondrous item. For me, this takes the non-canon 'spellcasting' element out of the equation and helps scale the effects:

> Spend 1 point of Hope to create a minor effect, like an Elf creating a Magical Success using Hope.

> Spend 2 points of Hope to cause a wider effect, like swinging a mattock or great axe into the ground/floor and causing all in a given radius to lose their footing.

> Spend 3 points of Hope to invoke a major effect, like Gandalf's flash of lightning when brought before the Great Goblin in The Hobbit.

Certainly, it may not be to every LM's taste to allow players to wield the sort of magic that normally only Istari can. Setting that aside, I'm curious what others think of this Hope-driven magic use.
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Re: Using Hope to power especially powerful magic item

Thu 04 Aug 2022, 09:55

I really like this idea, and will definitely be keeping it in mind when creating magic items for my game. When reading your post I was instantly put in mind of Frodo raising the Phial of Galadriel in Shelob's lair and have included the following quote as it seemed rather fitting:
"For a moment it glimmered, faint as a rising star struggling in heavy earthward mists, and then as its power waxed, and hope grew in Frodo's mind, it began to burn, and kindled to a silver flame, a minute heart of dazzling light..." - The Two Towers, Book Four, Chapter Nine

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