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Classes and Origins

Tue 26 Jul 2022, 14:33

Is there any explicit limitation on combining Class/Approach and Origin in Ruins of Symbaroum? While there may be some suggestive notes under the "X and the origins" paragraph of each class, some implicit information in the descrition of some Approaches or a specific naming of some Approaches (e.g. Troll Singer), I can't find any explicit restrictions. Do I miss something or is it intended that any Origin can choose any Class/Approach (so even a dwarven troll singer would be possible)?
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Re: Classes and Origins

Thu 28 Jul 2022, 01:43

There is no such restriction. Any Class / Organ combination is allowed by rules. However if your grup wish, some combinations can be seen as odd , lore wise or roleplaying speaking. For example Human "Troll Singer" can be seen as curiosity by nobles, PC can be even invited to Ball as "special guest" on other hand Ordo will probably see that PC as "Way to learn troll magic secrets".

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