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Overarching story/goal?

Sat 02 Jul 2022, 10:00

Recently bought MB and loving it, but I already did before buying it! Having watched APs and played it a few times its an amazing game!
But ive only played, and watched, one-shots since the unforgiving nature of the game seem to lend itself best to that form of play.

I was wondering, for those who might have read the supplements and played the game in campaign, if there is an overarching goal or "conflict" taking place in the world of MB where the pending apocalypse can be stopped, or at least hindered? I know they mention it in the rulebook, but I havent read any more detailed info about it.
Like, is there a mechanic that allows players to remove/cancel an ongoing psalm for instance?

Just wondering, ill continue enjoying the crazy one-shots in MB for years, but the thought of a campaign has gotten to me.
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Re: Overarching story/goal?

Sat 16 Jul 2022, 17:38

The supplements are actually online community sourced and approved products that have been combined together, rather than expanded content from the setting creators.

So really it is more up to you as a GM than anything else and the sort of tone you want to set for your game. It has a really loose OSR setting/ruleset where you are expected to make stuff up as you go.

This all said, I probably wouldn't allow for actually averting of the apocalypse due to how important it is to the themes of the game. But delaying (by small amounts), false hopes or maybe even time travel as a means of temporarily avoiding the incoming doom works.

This does make me yearn for a super cheesy power metal balad rpg now. An alternate universe version.

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