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Some Basic Questions

Fri 03 Jun 2022, 19:58

I am curious . . . how are GMs handling fleeing combat (either PCs fleeing or creatures/NPC fleeing)?
How important is resource management in your game? Especially food and water? Seems with Eat, Prey, Kill that food should be fairly important?
When PC reaches zero HP, does not point of damage kill them or cause another roll on critical injury? And do you roll once per extra point of damage? (With 25% of death this seems like it would be deadly but allow for some cool, rare miracles such as PC going down to -4 and even with four rolls they live)
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Re: Some Basic Questions

Sun 26 Jun 2022, 13:42

Im fairly sure a PC simply dies the instant they reach negative HP, no rolls or anything.
Only if you end up at exactly 0 HP do you roll for a critical which has a 25% chance to kill you anyway.

That said, the game is so open and easy to mod, if you prefer a roll per negative point or such just so it! I know all rulesets state ”play it the way you want” or similar but never has a game been so perfect for that statement as Mörk Borg.

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