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Beta Feedback - Book of Beasts Chapter 2: Encounters

Wed 15 Jun 2022, 20:00


Please use this thread to report any typos or errors in Chapter 2 (Encounters) of the Beta PDF of the Book of Beasts. Guidelines to remember:
  • Before reporting an error, please check and see if it already has been reported, and if so, don't report it again.
  • If you want to discuss or feedback something that is not a clear error, don't do it here - instead, please start a new forum post the specific issue.
Please report your feedback no later than July 15 2022. After this date, we are likely not able to make any further changes.

Thank you!
Fria Ligan
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Re: Beta Feedback - Book of Beasts Chapter 2: Encounters

Tue 21 Jun 2022, 20:35

29 The Raven, page 126
So she can turn into a bird back and forth? Should she then not also have "Path of Shifting Shapes" rank 3?

2 The Dead Pigeon, page 124
So the players are given a hint, that they can spend a long time solving, and if they do that it reveals nothing of value, but they will probably think it does.. so solve something to add confusion? Like it is ok to give false clues... but in this case it is a cipher that are to be solved by the players.. there has to be some GM code of honor that it should then actually lead to something? And if you say, well a cleaver GM can think that up.. well, yes, but that is not why we BUY materials like this.. I mean you could skip to write the final chapter in a book too.. but its just plain bad for the customer buying it.
So the least effort would be to give the GM a few hooks here, like this could refer to XYZ, or lead to ABC or .. .etc...

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