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Our character's first general talents

Mon 20 Jun 2022, 02:39

First, let me say that my table is all experienced gamers, the baby among us has been gaming for fifteen years, me and another for forty years. So we have played many systems over that time.

After reading the books the first thing we did was make a tailor, a Bowyer, a smith and a leather worker. With our starting money we bought leather, hide, wood, and tailor materials. The very first chance we got we made bows for all, leather armor for those with no armor, packs, boots, fur blankets, etc. Also whenever our peddler has willpower she pulls needful things from her magic Santa bag.

We frequently rest to hunt for meat and hides, gather wood and any other needed supplies which we are happy to let our pack rat peddler carry. We are a five man self gathering merchant train that also fights a lot.
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Re: Our character's first general talents

Wed 22 Jun 2022, 15:34

This sounds pretty fun. And I take for those items that require several talents to create you work together and your GM allows that? That sounds mighty fun.

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