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The Symbaroum World - A question

Wed 08 Jun 2022, 16:35


Recently got my RoS KS package and to say I'm hyped would be a massive understatement. I'm entirely new to this setting, and my question has to do with the perspective of someone who gets into Symbaroum for the first time.

Basically, I'm wondering what are my options to get a larger, deeper understanding of the world's geography and history. I'm not done yet reading through all the material provided in the RoS set and I will obviously come across more stuff as I go, but as the set clearly states, its focus is on specific areas. So even at this point, I'd like to get more info on what's south of the Titans and east of the Ravens, for example. Or get a map of the entire continent. Not that I plan on pushing this on my players per se, but rather, I'd like to know for my own interest, so to speak.

I thought about grabbing the entire series of modules from Symbaroum, but since that's not the same system, it's not optimal. It looks as if it could still be useful but what are the thoughts of folks here regarding this? Could these books prove substantially useful in that regard? Or do you plan on adapting them somehow to the RoS set?

Now, I understand you might not want to spill the beans on future plans to support RoS, but even a "hey, just wait for it" type of answer could work nicely for me and my hope to get more stuff on that setting.


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Re: The Symbaroum World - A question

Thu 09 Jun 2022, 07:38

Mattias has stated they will be adapting the Throne of Thorns campaign to 5E probably next year.
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Re: The Symbaroum World - A question

Fri 10 Jun 2022, 18:42

You can download the following from DriveThruRPG to get a good feel for the world: ... ers-Harbor ... rers-Haven ... -Contrasts ... Exaltation

They are the player-facing parts of the first four chapters of The Throne of Thorns campaign and they don't contain any spoilers. They cost a couple of bucks each but are well worth it.

Edit: I somewhat misread your post. Information about Alberetor (the area south of the Titans) is mostly contained within the Haunted Wastes book.
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