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Calculating Crew Income?

Tue 22 Jun 2021, 04:13

Getting ready to kick off my first Coriolis campaign. Curious how other GMs addressed player/crew income management. There's not a lot to go on in the books that I have seen. I've also seen other posts in various places with people asking similar questions so don't think I am alone in needing guidance. Some thoughts I had (yet to be fleshed out) is maybe have the 'captain' role dice each segment based on crew's reputation, plus 'to-be-determined' modifiers. A regular/minor success means they can meet their debts and basic living expenses that segment, with nothing left over for themselves. For each extra success die they get some percentage of extra birr for their pockets to purchase for their personal gear etc. Failure to get a success for a segment or two could result in some interesting roleplay scenarios with their debtors, or maybe a ship problem, etc.
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Re: Calculating Crew Income?

Wed 01 Jun 2022, 22:27

High risk = high reward. I like the Red Markets way of negotiations. It is suited for Coriolis as well if u put ur mind to it.

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