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Sat 14 May 2022, 05:29

what type of rest is required to remove a level of exhaustion?

i'm asking specifically regarding the Forced March travel pace. if it goes away after a long rest, gaining one at the end of a day of forced march doesn't really impose much of a hindrance, as you're about to take a long rest anyway.
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Re: exhaustion

Sat 14 May 2022, 14:00

It takes a long rest. It does count if you get two levels of exhaustion on that day, as your long rest only removes one.
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Re: exhaustion

Sat 14 May 2022, 19:17

Here's the relevant rules section, with one important rule highlighted:
- - -
Forced Marches and Rides
A forced march consists of an accelerated pace for an exceptionally long time – instead of spending 8–10 hours traveling at a reasonable pace, a forced march or ride might require the characters or mounts to travel from first light to complete darkness at a quick pace. During forced marches you cannot take long rests.

If the forced march continues for a number of days beyond your Constitution modifier then you must make a Constitution saving throw each evening with a DC equal to 5 + the number of days force marched so far. On a failure you gain a level of exhaustion. If it is a forced ride then your mount’s Constitution modifier is used and they must make the saving throw instead.

- - -

Recovering from exhaustion does require a long rest and you must eat and drink, which of course could be another factor on a long trip if you have to rely on supplies rather than foraging.

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