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The Forbidden Lands of Symbaroum

Tue 05 Apr 2022, 02:40

Greetings everyone!
I'm a big fan of Symbaroum's campaign setting, but I've never liked its rules system. At the same time, I've always liked the simplicity of the Forbidden Lands RPG's rule system; despite not liking the proposed campaign scenario.

After the release of the Year Zero Engine Rule System Open Game License by Free League Publishing, I decided to start a long process of adapting the rules system to the Symbaroum scenario. I am currently at 85% of my planning complete, which has already produced a document with the following numbers:

92,482 words
132 pages
11 chapters (Introduction, character creation, races, archetypes, skills, talents, equipment, conflict, mysticism, campaigns and antagonists).

The full document can be downloaded (for FREE) on this link: ... sp=sharing

The last chapter, Antagonistas, is incomplete, as for professional reasons, I will be moving to another country in the next few days. Even so, I decided to make it available to everyone who, like me, enjoys Symbaroum's campaign setting but would like a different rules system.

Unfortunately, English is not my native language, so a lot of grammatical errors and typos are to be expected. Please be kind to me.
I hope it contributes to the community, although as already said, it is a unfinished document.

Happy gaming and good rolls to all of you!
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Re: The Forbidden Lands of Symbaroum

Tue 05 Apr 2022, 08:34

Still have to read the document, but your effort is really appreciated and looks absolutely amazing.

My thanks for the dedication and the will to share it!
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Re: The Forbidden Lands of Symbaroum

Fri 08 Apr 2022, 13:44

I hope you keep working on it.
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Re: The Forbidden Lands of Symbaroum

Tue 03 May 2022, 14:07

Hi !
This is already great - and I hope you'll add up more to this doc soon !
Personally I'm not such a big fan of you modifications to the background. For example adding Fairy as an additional realm, or that Ogres can go into hibernation to become Trolls.
Probably I will change these things back to the "canon" with my group.

There actually is one thing that confuses me: the difficulty of skill checks.
As far as I understood the Zero engine you only have modifiers depending on the difficulty of the task. But in your doc you are also referring to a target number of successes that have to be reached.
But I did not find any further explanations.
Could you probably remove the reference to this target number in your doc and use the basic Zero Engine rules for skills - personally I think they are challenging enough ;-)

But just to be clear - this is really good work and I plan to use it as I found the original Symbaroum rules to unbalanced and the D&D 5th rules to cumbersome.
And they stretch out every combat much to long when the party has to pummel down over 100 Hit points to fight a giant Spider ...
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Re: The Forbidden Lands of Symbaroum

Thu 25 Aug 2022, 23:47

i have a question about the dice pool. page 20 suggests the source of each die for the die pool is inconsequential, and the example on page 21 supports this by making no distinction between attribute, skill or gear dice, but page 1 of the introduction says you need dice of 3 different colors. The introduction leads me to believe the core mechanic is more similar to forbidden lands and myz (1s on push damage gear and attributes), but the explanation and example lead me to believe that its more similar to tales from the loop or vaesen (1s on push lead to conditions). can someone clarify, as i'm probably missing something.

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