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Coriolis Foundry VTT Module

Thu 26 Aug 2021, 12:51

Hi Guys

Was very excited to hear that there will be a Symbaroum and Vasen Foundry module coming in September, but I was wondering
if the Coriolis Module will be forthcoming in the near future and if any of the Campaign "Mercy of the Icons" modules be coming
as well.


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Re: Coriolis Foundry VTT Module

Fri 27 Aug 2021, 14:30

Thanks Ham,

I came here to ask this very same question, following the recent update regarding Symbaroum and Vaesen.
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Re: Coriolis Foundry VTT Module

Thu 07 Oct 2021, 14:37

As I understand it the priority is to get the core rulebooks out first, though I think Forbidden Lands and Alien were exceptional as they the earlier properties to get get the treatment. Coriolis is the last one AFAIK to get the rulebook module done and as I understand it a revamp of the system on FVTT. As for the adventure modules for any line I do not recall seeing estimated times yet.
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Re: Coriolis Foundry VTT Module

Mon 02 May 2022, 23:07

I really want to get started with Mercy on Foundry, but I can't.... is it intended at all?

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