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House Rules/System Hacks

Mon 28 Feb 2022, 05:37

I'm reading up to start a Symbaroum campaign trying to familiarize myself with the system. As with any system there are things I like, and others that give me pause. I've read a number of complaints in various places online that the system lends itself to min-maxing and over-powered characters, that the corruption rules need modding, etc. Curious what house rules/hacks veteran Symbaroum GMs have adopted?
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Re: House Rules/System Hacks

Tue 01 Mar 2022, 00:27

Personally, more than the rules themselves, which are quite simple and effective, what sometimes (not always) bothers me are some Abilities. Mainly those that require a lot of calculations, like Strangler. But mostly, the more common Abilities just work well enough. It is when characters do stack lots of XPs and, therefore, can buy lots of Abilities, that some combinations lead to very powerful characters.
I wouldn't bother right now, if you are just starting with the game, as your players will rise in power in a progressive way, and you will be able to see if someone becomes overpowered or not.

In the long run, rewarding less XPs per adventure -so that having lots of Abilities at high levels becomes more difficult-, might be enough to control the overpower during a campaign.
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Re: House Rules/System Hacks

Sun 03 Apr 2022, 15:51

I second that.

The rules that really need modding for your table will become apparent as you play. I would give RAW a go. I personally use most optional rules from CB and APG, and did some very minor modding for one or two rules.

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