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Hurrah, Wicked Secret for Foundry VTT Out!

Thu 03 Mar 2022, 17:41

... but I think I am too quick off the mark and the shop isn't configured correctly yet :). First attempt let me get to the cart but said it is out of stock. Now it is trying to ask me for more than the cost of the module in shipping to the UK. I hadn't realised email had got that expensive! :D :D :D

Guess I should leave it a while and try later...
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Re: Hurrah, Wicked Secret for Foundry VTT Out!

Wed 30 Mar 2022, 22:47

I'm not really sure about the value of the FoundryVTT bundles.
The code is open source (or based on the old community driven code) and not created by Fria Ligan, and the actual content that you actually pay for is lackluster. You wont get any walls on the maps for example, Journals are lazily done and Journal Notes on maps are just bad. etc.

Content is only partly translated, so if you are not playing the english version you are not getting a good experience imo
I hope this is continiously improved on later, but currently its.. meh

If you are proficient with Foundry (and have digital copies of the books) you can easily create this content better yourself

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