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Gravely Cold question...

Wed 23 Feb 2022, 17:09

Gravely Cold (core book page 199), level III: The test is resolute<-resolute and the one successful check negates both the cold and paralysis? So, once a hero makes the check, they are not at risk for either the damage or the paralysis?
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Re: Gravely Cold question...

Fri 18 Mar 2022, 12:49

That's how I've been using it. At it's highest level, the cold causes paralysis and damage and has to be resisted with a Resolute<-Resolute instead of a basic Success Test on Resolute, but success leaves you immune to both effects for the rest of the Scene as per Level 1. (The key to this is actually in the Level 2 description - "to those affected"...)

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