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Cornish Vaesen

Tue 08 Mar 2022, 11:05

Hi all, my name's JVC Parry, I'm a writer and publisher of TTRPG material for a variety of systems. I was recently inspired by Mythic Britain and Ireland to do a deep dive into Cornwall, or Mythic Kernow as I'm calling it, a place that's close to my heart. This morning I published the 64-page supplement through the Free League Work Shop!

It contains three new player archetypes, lots more talents, two new supernatural creatures, a host of converted supernatural creatures, plus three brand new mysteries set in Cornwall! I'd love to hear what people think about it, so please do check it out and leave a review. ... _id=819295

Here are some previews:
JVC Parry
Freelance TTRPG Author

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