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Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Thu 13 Jan 2022, 17:05


Please use this thread to report any typos or errors in Seasons of Mystery. Guidelines to remember:

Before reporting an error, please check and see if it already has been reported, and if so, don't report it again.
If you want to discuss or feedback something that is not a clear error, don't do it here - instead, please start a new forum post the specific issue.

Please report your feedback no later than February 28 2022. After this date, we are likely not able to make any further changes.

Thank you!
Fria Ligan
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Re: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Fri 14 Jan 2022, 17:23

Hi, I found a small grammatical error on page 12.

In the 3rd bulleted paragraph in the Paranoia box it says "The player characters are being watch at Fudal" instead of "watched".
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Re: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Sun 16 Jan 2022, 00:47

Page 81, in the boxed text "Role-playing the Storytelling": the should be them, i think.

If the play-
ers want to tell stories this is a good opportunity
to let the develop and describe their charac-
ters, perhaps by describing the Trauma of their
first meeting with a vaesen (page XX of the
core rulebook).
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Re: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Fri 21 Jan 2022, 17:53

On page 36, in the last paragraph before the stats for Beata, the first sentence reads "If the dragon gold is removed from the ironworks, the enchanted will lose its grip on Beata" instead of enchantment.
Erik with k
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Re: Alpha Feedback : Seasons of Mystery

Fri 25 Feb 2022, 23:59


please check the following:
Page 53, box "Jens Ludvigsen", line 4: ... plan is that Jensen will assume... (replace "Jensen" by "Ludvigsen" or by "Jens Ludvigsen" ?)
Page 62, right column, section "Clues", line 11: ...Jensens. they will... (replace "." by ",")

Best wishes, Erik

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