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Symbaroum miniatures

Mon 14 Feb 2022, 12:22

Hello, I cant find anything online. So i guess it doesn't exists, but are there any Symbaroum minis planed ? or does anyone know of good barbarians minis with masks ? or larger Elf like creatures ?
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Re: Symbaroum miniatures

Fri 18 Feb 2022, 18:42

If you are looking for a cool app to make custom miniatures, I recommend Hero Forge. You can buy the miniatures, or just the STL files and print them on your own 3D printer. You can also just use it to design the characters and download the screenshot to use as a visual (or make standees). I use it to design our party characters in my campaigns and also further visualize some of the major NPCs.
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Re: Symbaroum miniatures

Tue 22 Feb 2022, 15:33

I’ve found that on Etsy you can find many miniatures that fit the theme of Symbaroum. I think Atlantis miniatures does Kickstarter’s and the lady elven set look like it jumped out of Davokar! I think McGavin Miniatures is also a great place to look around.

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