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General Talents on New Archetypes

Tue 08 Feb 2022, 08:10

Hi Free League and team!

I recently dove into the new Beta for Mythic Britain and Ireland. With the addition of the new Archetypes, I expected to see new Talents for each one similar to the Vaesen corebook, and was really quite surprised to see they each had General Talents listed instead. I know we're likely really close to the final date for feedback, but is there any remote chance that new Archetype-specific Talents might be created for each Archetype before release? Additionally, having each Archetype include the "Famous" Talent makes them feel much less unique compared to having so many different "class" abilities, where each option feels unique in small but meaningful ways.

If it's too late for this to get added in, I totally understand! I was just really excited to see how the new Talents could be mixed-and-matched with existing Archetypes to create more characters. Thank you for making such a great game and putting everything together so quickly!

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