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Combat Zones, hows that work?

Thu 27 Jan 2022, 05:01

I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the idea of the Three Combat Zones....

Zone One is space you can take a couple of steps to cross and enter into physical combat....
Zone Two you need to throw an item or use a pistol to hit a person in this zone...
Zone Three you require a rifle to hit a person in this zone.....

Are there not obvious problems with this?
You can cross a Zone in a single turn and enter the next zone. So arguably two problems occur...
Zone two should be the same size as zone one and thusly you can cross zone two in a couple of steps... and therefore should be able to throw a rock across zone two and hit someone in zone three. which completely defeats the need for a rifle.

If I move across zone one and stand on the edge line, the person in zone two is arms length away but I need a pistol to hit him, yet I can punch a person an equal or longer distance away as long as they are in my current zone.

The only way I can see this making sense is if the Zones are size referenced as a distance from the players character. So if I cross to the edge of Zone one, then Zone two counts as one zone distance away as well, and Zone Three become Zone Two distance away. But If this is the case then what is the actual distance of each zone?

This is really the only thing in the rules that I'm trying to sort out; If I cant figure it out i'll have to adopts a Short Medium and Long Range system for my games... But I'd prefer to use the actual Vaesen Rules.

Thank you in advance for any input you can provide on this.
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Re: Combat Zones, hows that work?

Thu 27 Jan 2022, 22:36

This is how I interpreted Combat Zones

Zones are narrative, not fixed geometry and better to think of them as stage directions. There is a fight going on in a small cafe, fists are swung and chairs are broken etc. everyone involved is in the same Zone. Outside on the patio a thug has a pistol and is waiting for a clear shot, he's in a different Zone. Across the street a marksman watches the door with a rifle, this is yet another Zone, two zones beyond the cafe but only one from the patio. The actual distances are largely irrelevant except that they make narrative sense.
The marksman could fire on the thug or anyone in the cafe (assuming he can see though the window), but not the balcony.
Someone in cafe would need to first cross the patio (deal with the thug and/or get shot at from across the street), before crossing the street to engage the sniper. These are story elements where time can be telescoped to suit the pace of the action.

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