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Holy Weapons?

Fri 07 Jan 2022, 01:50

Some Vaesens con only be woundet with holy weapons, but I dont find any rules for holy weapons.

I think they are very rar and uncommen or is a holy weapon simply a weapon who was blessed by a priest (but I think than it will read "blessed weapons").

There is a talent "holy symbol" but thats didn´t refer to a weapon.

At the moment my soulution is a weapon can have the "Holy" characteristic but count´s otherwise as a normal weapon. The background makes the weapon holy nothing else and they can´t be bought. The PC must earn them during other quests.
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Re: Holy Weapons?

Mon 24 Jan 2022, 03:44

I think you have the right idea here,
The Stats of the Weapon don't change but the ability to Damage that type of Vaesen is gained.
So based on the Role-play the weapon has story effecting properties.
As a GM I'd consider weather the Items Holy Blessings effect more than just that type of Vaesen, or if the properties leave the item at the accomplishment conclusion of that adventure.
I'd also decide if they could keep the weapon for later games, or if its eventually looses power over time.

All of these are not Stat Based considerations.

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