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Vaesen Alpha Mythic Britain and Ireland - The Society

Tue 11 Jan 2022, 11:41

Hej good people,
I read the chapter about the Society in Britain and I am left with some questions, I hope you can help me.
A lot of names appear in the first paragraph on p. 39. Are they all founding members? Did they include others into their circle?
Have they been studiyng the Vaesen or have they been on active duty to pacify them?
What I take away from the chapter for an answer is, that they did a misinformation campaign to hide the truth and protect the public as well as the Vaesen.
Is it called the Appolonian or the Tyanan Society?

Thanks for taking time for my questions! I am really looking forward to the finished book. :)
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Re: Vaesen Alpha Mythic Britain and Ireland - The Society

Mon 17 Jan 2022, 21:47

From reading the chapter the founding members of The Society in the late 16th Century are:
John Dee - Astrologer to Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Raleigh - Privateer/Explorer favoured by Queen Elizabeth
Sir Francis Walsingham - Spymaster
Edmund Spenser - poet
It is also implied that William Shakespeare and Ben Johnson, playwrights, were connected to The Society.
The Society is called the Apollonian Society, the name coming from an ancient Greek philosopher.

John Dee was already studying the supernatural as he was an occultist and Walsingham was also interested following the case of the Berwick Witches. The poet Edmund Spenser is now mostly remembered for his epic poem The Faerie Queene which, in the Vaesen lore, is more than just a fanciful tale. So he was expelled from the society and the rest attempted to cover it up by helping popular works like those of Shakespeare and Johnson.

This chapter is a bit of a who's who of Renaissance/Early Modern England so almost everyone mentioned should have a Wikipedia entry.

Hope this helps :)

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