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[Wishlist] What next after Throne of Thorns?

Tue 26 Jan 2021, 22:25

We are still far away from the end of the campaign, that also expands the world we know. But in one year and a half, give or take, we'll probably have the sixth chapter of the campaing in our hands (or tablets), and the Throne of Thorns campaign will be over.

So, what next?

What are you expecting or need once the main products is finished?

I don't know exactly what would be my first choice, but option that get to my mind:
- A deck of Monsters & Traits & Abilities that include everything new.
- A regional supplement that details the remaining big cities of Ambria. For instance, Templewall and Monastery of the Twilight Friars in the Titans. An Adventure Book with an adventure per place would be awesome to go with it.
- The Report 22:01:08 introduces lots of new places in the continent. I've always considered them just as "far away worlds and rumours", not really something that should be detailed in the Symbaroum game and setting. In fact, I envision them as having different culture, technology and beliefs than Ambria and Davokar, and should then have different abilities, war gear, mystical powers,... a different game, altogether. But heading West towards The Order or the City States might be a refreshing air to the game.
- I know that asking for a 2nd edition of the rules seems like a must. I don't know, I'm not so sure about that. Maybe a Rules Book with all the rules but no background, starter adventure, etc would be useful, though. It could have the expanded deck of cards as an Add-on and would be awesome to make GMing Symbaroum easier.
-And a Symbaroum T-Shirt, or course, that claims: "I know where Humans come from!".
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Re: [Wishlist] What next after Throne of Thorns?

Wed 27 Jan 2021, 06:16

Miniatures / STL files!! Symbaroum has a very distinct style it would be cool to see translated into resin!
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Re: [Wishlist] What next after Throne of Thorns?

Mon 03 May 2021, 00:59

I feel the rules would definitely benefit from a revision. Same goes for the text in the various books - restructuring it and putting it into 3-4 books (player's guide, gm's guide, monster codex, maybe an ambria+davokar setting book, if you don't want a split between player knowledge and gm knowledge). This would also be a chance for a nice new collector's edition of those core books ;)
If that's not in the the closing book, I would also like to see material on the remaining major places (as you already mention). Maybe as one or two larger adventures that can be played in the aftermath of ToT.
Not essential for the game, but I really would like a new artbook with everything from the core books and adventure modules.
Similarly, an book that compiles all adventure packs, maybe with some added text here and there would be nice.
One thing that's not really a book, but would certainly nice is material for online/VTT play. I mainly use Owlbear Rodeo, so for me, a collection of high-resolution maps, NPC and location pictures and tokens for various characters and monsters would be nice. However, given FLs recent push in the Foundry direction, a release as a module there is probably more likely (I guess I would still buy that).

Beyond that I don't have an immediate urge for more material. ToT is extensive enough that it seems likely that after its completion I will feel like I "have beaten" Symbaroum.
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Re: [Wishlist] What next after Throne of Thorns?

Wed 27 Oct 2021, 00:41

I'm still waiting for the rest of the details of the Blessings tradition.

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