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Path of the Commander

Wed 31 Oct 2018, 06:24

Potential Fighter Talent I'm messing with and wanted opinions of people who've played more than me since I'm not sure about the balance of it. And yes, I'm aware that this isn't strictly super "fighter", but I wanted something for that really inspiring unit commander type of character, which falls under the Fighter "umbrella" to me.

Rank 1: Negate a fear critical for a number of allies within NEAR range equal to the number of WP you spend. The allies are still Broken.

Rank 2: As rank 1, but they are not Broken and are instead left with 1 Wits.

Rank 3: As a fast action, one ally within Short Range can take one action depending on the number of WP you spend. 1 WP for a fast action, 2 WP for a slow action. If the ally performs the specific action you call out, they gain a +1 bonus to the roll (if one is required).
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Re: Path of the Commander

Thu 01 Nov 2018, 05:55

Another option:

R1: As a Fast Action, spend 1 WP to allow one ally within Short Range to take the Draw Weapon, Run, Retreat, or Ready Weapon action (your choice).

R2: When allies within Near Range are Broken due to a Fear Attack, you can spend 1 WP per ally to negate the horror critical, but they are still Broken. Additionally, you can spend 1 additional WP to have those allies reduced to 1 Wits instead of being broken.

R3: As R1, but by spending 1 additional WP, the commanded ally can take the Slash, Stab, Punch/Kick/Bite, Shoot, Flee, or Charge action instead of the options from R1.
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Re: Path of the Commander

Thu 07 Feb 2019, 03:34

I like this. I'll try to offer that to my players.
I do not use advanced combat system thus having Path of Enemy as useless talent for fighter.
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