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Nomad Starship Fighter Design

Fri 24 Nov 2017, 10:38

Fighter – “Star Falcon”
The Falcon is a one-man, atmospheric capable short range fighter produced by the Talandri clan’s ship designers at their mobile shipyards somewhere to the galactic east of the Algol Route. It is a relatively basic design, having decidedly average armour and speed for a craft of it’s class although it does give the pilot the added reassurance of an ejector system. The fact that it is capable of entering planetary atmosphere allows it to perform a supporting role both in space and on any ground based actions undertaken by the clan’s forces.
Although it is intended to be a close support fighter, the design shows a nomads typical pragmatic approach by including a storage compartment for spares, ensuring that all but the most complex repairs could be carried out in the field, assuming the pilot has the time and the training to do so.
 It’s integral torpedo launcher is typically loaded with a mix of standard torpedoes and ion torpedoes depending on the anticipated target. Accompanying the torpedo systems is a standard accelerator canon for added versatility. Usually a reliable ship, the Star Falcon’s reactor occasionally overheats, most often in an oxygen rich atmosphere and the resulting trails of black smoke often reveal their position long before they would normally come into view.
Class: I
Manoeuver: +2
Modules: (Bridge, Reactor, Graviton Projector) + 3 (1x Torpedo System, 1x Weapon Systems), Service Station
Features: Atmospheric Entry, Ejector.
Ship’s Problem: Obvious signature (smoking engines.)
EP: 3
HP: 2
Signature: -2
Armour: 3
Speed: 4
Cost: 185,000 (not including weapons & torpedo load.)
Typical Weapon Load: Accelerator cannon (+1, Medium, Dam 1, Crit 2), 6x Torpedo, 2x Ion Torpedo.  (25,000 + 30,000 + 16,000.)

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