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Harper's House Rules.

Mon 18 Sep 2017, 17:09

Here are some of my planned Coriolis house rules, 
I share them here in the chance you may also find them useful,

The two sub systems given in this post are an optional addition to the rules, 
These options do not replace the current system, but add to it, 
These two sub systems are,

=Effects based rolls= 


=The Echo Die= 

(You can use either separately or as designed together,)

=Effects based rolls=
Instead of the standard binary succeed or fail result of the game this system allows for a more varied and more dramatic results,

These effects are created when you roll 1's and 5's on the dice rolled in your pool,

So the dice pool effect numbers are, 
1's, (disadvantage)  
5's (advantage)
6's (success)

If you roll half (round up) or more of your dice pool comes up 1's you gain a disadvantage, an extra negative consequence, this can occur even if you roll 6's and the check was a success, you still gain a negative side effect, 
(Also, the GM gets 1 DP if your roll succeeds, but 2 DP if your roll fails)
The result is by GM discretion (but be open to player input), 
The more 1's beyond the half of the pool needed, the worse it should get,
(Why half?, because the more skilled the less chance of it happening, the less skilled the higher chance of it happening)

If you roll two or more fives within the same dice pool you gain an advantage,
An advantage is a positive side effect, be it due to luck or skill, something beneficial happens, this can happen even if no 6's were rolled and the roll otherwise failed,
The result is by GM discretion (but be open to player input),
The more 5's you get beyond the two needed to trigger the effect the better the advantage, 

This now gives six different results instead of the normal two, they are,
1) Success
2) Success with advantage
3) Success with disadvantage
4) Failure 
5) Failure with advantage 
6) Failure with disadvantage 

Btw, if you should get enough 1's and 5's to trigger the effect in the same pool, only the largest of the pool wins, you don't get both effects,
If both are equal, they cancel each other out,

=The Echo Die=
This is a single special die you use within your normal dice pool, 
(this is not an extra die, just one of your dice in your dice pool)
It should be a different colour, to make it easy to identify,
This is your "Echo Die"

You should always have this die in any roll made,

Whenever this die rolls a 1 or a 5 or a 6 you get to reroll this die again, 
(Only use the 6 if using without the "Effects based rolls"option)
If the very same number comes up again the second time you roll this die you get to add the result to the pool and roll again, (hence "Echoing") you may continue to reroll indefinitely, but only as long as the same number continues to reoccur, if you should roll any other number the reroll fails, 

This has the effect of removing the glass ceiling when you simple don't have the number of dice needed for a chance of success, and there should always be a chance, no matter how small to get lucky, this also adds a degree of unpredictability, because anything could happen, both negative and positive

GM: The palace guard is gaining on you, Asim, you see him start to takes aim at the crew, what do you do?,
Asim: I will stop and try to buy time for the crew to escape, and lay down cover fire, I try to shoot at the guard,
GM: Roll your ranged combat,
Asim: [rolling 6 dice he scores a 5, 3, 2, 5, 2. and a 1 on the echo die, he rerolls a 4]
GM no successes, but an advantage, okay, your shot missed the guard wide, but the shot exploded so close to him you force him to duck back, and doesn't return fire this turn,

Asim is being chased across the roof tops of a rain soaked high rise by something he can not harm, he is cornered, his only escape is to jump the 5 meters to the next building, he makes a desperate run and tries to jump the gap, he rolls 6 dice a 5,3,1,1,6, and a 2 on the echo, mid air he prays to the icons, rerolls, and gets a 6, 2, 1, 5, and a 1 on the echo, rerolls an other 1, and then a 4, that's three 1s, but he made the jump,

Asim flys through the air, and makes it to the building, but lands hard twisting his ankle, - 1 agility, and he hears the monster roar as it gets closer...and the GM gets 1 additional DP

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