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Alien TV series

Sun 15 Aug 2021, 18:28

This is sounding better than was originally hyped!
I really hope it's good and adds to the Alien universe.
Maybe we will eventually get an RPG sourcebook. ... verse-news
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Re: Alien TV series

Sun 12 Sep 2021, 20:07

Noah Hawley really seems to get what makes this setting great, so I'm optimistic.

I know what I would do if I had 8 or 10 hours of Alien TV show to write. It would be set soon after the events in "Aliens" and would involve three main groups of characters -- spacetruckers responsible for collecting and transporting alien samples, exobiology researchers on Earth who learn how dangerous the aliens really are, and the corporate/government officials who mishandle the whole operation, causing an outbreak. Season 1 would end on that cliffhanger.

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