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Foundry Virtual Tabletop > Alien RPG Destroyer of Worlds > Issue with Tokens

Sun 01 Aug 2021, 21:23

Not sure if this is the best place to report issues with the paid-for Foundry Virtual Tabletop modules, but please see below:


Foundry Virtual Tabletop v0.8.8
Alien RPG v2.0.2
Alien RPG Destroyer of Worlds v2.0.3

Installation type:

Dedicated Server with NodeJS


Token Image Path is: modules/alienrpg-destroyerofworlds/images/Tokens
However, the actual installed location is: modules/alienrpg-destroyerofworlds/images/tokens
This causes the token art not to properly load in due to being case sensitive on Linux.
Easy enough to fixe with a symlink, but thought it best to mention it so it can be fixed in the installation package.

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