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Weyland-Yutani “Salamander” Fire Hazard Suit Homebrew

Fri 18 Jun 2021, 04:34 ... zard_suit/

Weyland-Yutani “Salamander” Fire Hazard Suit


Created by Weyland-Yutani to allow a wearer to operate in high-temperature environments. This suit is multi-layered to protect against fires and electricity. The outer layer of this suit is made from combined fibres such as Kevlar and zetex that can handle high temperatures and even tolerate molten metal. The inner layers are made from substances such as gortex to wick moisture from the wearer and protect against steam. There is a layer of air between the two layers of gortex to further aid in the wearer’s protection. The glass of the helmet is made from aluminum oxynitride which is bullet and fire resistant.

Armour Rating: 3
Air Supply: -
Weight: 1 1/2
Cost: $2100
Comment: Built-in comm unit, Built-in flashlight, Built-in respirator, Fire resistance

Built-In Respirator: The helmet of this suit has a built-in respirator that will filter out smoke and poisonous fumes. The filter does require replacing after extended usage. Supply 4.

Fire Resistance: This fire suit can withstand up to Fire Intensity 10. While the suit is incapable of catching fire, the heat from the flames will cook the wearer if the Intensity surpasses 10.

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