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Skill Specializations - feedback please

Fri 04 Jun 2021, 20:41

Skill Specializations
5XP to increase a skill one step
3XP to increase a specialization one step

Close Combat
* Armed: melee weapons, melee block.
* Unarmed: unarmed attack/block, grapple attack, break grapple, shove.
Heavy Machinery
* Repair: emergency repairs, salvage/disassemble, maintenance, jerry-rig.
* Handling: open airlock, overload reactor/engines, operate machines.
* Resistance: resist conditions (starving, freezing, etc), sickness/poison rolls.
* Vitality: avoid being stunned, effects of vacuum/decompression, drowning, death rolls.

* Athletics: climb/leap, retreat, reduce falling/crash damage, smother fire, sidestep hazards.
* Infiltration: stealth rolls.
* Spacecraft: accelerate/decelerate, maneuver, dodge, ram, dock, planetfall.
* Surface-craft: accelerate/decelerate, maneuver, dodge, ram.
Ranged Combat
* Small Arms: personal firearms.
* Gunnery: fire vehicle weapons, launch countermeasures.

* Hardware: power up, emergency repairs, bypass security/controls, salvage/disassemble, maintenance.
* Software: target lock, go dark, remote pilot uplink.
* Awareness: oppose stealth rolls, notice anomaly/oddity.
* Identify: recognize hazards, search/study, surveillance.
* Resources: scavenge/scrounge/forage, ration supplies.
* Scouting: find shelter, pathfinding, avoid/circumvent hazards.

* Give Orders
* Stop Panic
* Persuasion: oppose an order, negotiate, deceive, build rapport.
* Coercion: intimidate, interrogate, threaten.
Medical Aid
* Recovery: first aid - treat broken, care - heal injury/disease.
* Save Life: first aid - treat fatal critical injury/burns/drowning.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and comments.
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Re: Skill Specializations - feedback please

Thu 17 Jun 2021, 23:39

Could you be more specific about what kind of feedback you are looking for? Do you want people's opinions on if this alternate rule will achieve some particular design goal? If yes, what is your design goal?

Do you want general feedback if this is clear and easy to understand? In that case, my answer is no, your request is not clear. It seems that you are proposing two things:
1. An expanded skill list? Having 24 Skills to replace the existing 12?
2. Skill specialization? I don't understand what you mean by a Skill Specialization.

You need to give a lot more context if you want useful commentary.
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Re: Skill Specializations - feedback please

Sat 19 Jun 2021, 09:06

I think I get what you're suggesting here.

Personally, I'm against expanding the skill list, I think it runs counter to the simplicity of the year-zero engine. Yes, it throws up occasional anomalies like Piloting for driving an APC and flying a spaceship, but generally, it works. Allowing players to create more highly specialised characters isn't a bad thing, but I'd suggest that doing it by creating new talents would be more in keeping with the system.

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