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Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Tue 16 Mar 2021, 06:07

Hi all! First post.
With all of the connections to other movies, I wanted to ask which ones you are taking into your games.
The books seem to cover EVERYTHING!
I'm writing my game with more attention to soldier and blade runner than predator and avatar. I'm not a huge firefly fan, but the humor is something I'm taking into my game as well. Was curious what you're taking, if anything, from the other universes not touched on in rulebooks!
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Tue 16 Mar 2021, 11:19

I played in a "campaign" (at least a long series of adventures) that was devoid of Xenomorphs and partly based on Blade Runner (we players were part of a rogue Android eradication group) and on the Autons (sp.?) from Alien IV.
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Tue 16 Mar 2021, 21:08

I'll be using some things from 'Outland' such as ConAm Mining, as there are already elements taken from this film in the main Rulebook, such as Colonial Marshalls keeping their prisoners in Pressure Suits inside zero-g cells. Also, quite a few of the film crew, who designed the costumes (Pressure Suits for example), and the modellers who built the original Nostromo also worked on 'Outland'.
If you haven't seen 'Outland', it has a lot of good material for a Colonist campaign. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Fri 30 Apr 2021, 00:09

The Expanse with some Cowboy Bebop thrown in and of course Bladerunner. I really like the idea behind the Protomolecule and will definitely be using that to expand the lore of the Black Goo. It also sounds cooler and is less a mouthful that Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15.
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Sat 01 May 2021, 18:47

Thematically (not directly):
Blade Runner
Bengt Petter
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Wed 05 May 2021, 17:57

I have a quite strange idea: to merge the Alien universe with Puritan style colonists. There colonists will live in a cluster of small settlements on some remote planet. Their lives are strictly religous, and they prefer a very low tech life, similar to the 1700s. Sinners are regularly being burnt in bonfires in front of big crowds.

A few charismatic leaders are very dominant in the Puritan colonies. At least one of the leaders claim to be a reborn Messiah, while others see such a figure and his/her followers as the worst of all sinners. There will be some kind of uprising or armed conflict among the colonist.

The PCs could be Puritan colonists themselves, or visitors with some kind of corporate mission that involves dealing with the Puritans. The remote colonies could be a perfect hiding place for anyone needing to avoid people from the bigger factions. The Puritan colonists prefer only very limited contacts with outsiders. But maybe other Puritans, possibly from Earth, will arrive and change the situation in a dramatic way.

There might be a xeno infestation in some form, perhaps as an unexpected part of a larger conflict between some of the colonies. Maybe there is an egg on a ship that suddenly crashes a couple of hours away from the colonies.
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Re: Crossover/shared universes: Which ones are you running with?

Wed 01 Sep 2021, 00:26

If I can get all the people, including multiple GMs, I'm planning a massive one shot crossover. It centers in the Alien universe. Skynet has built a new time as well as dimensional projection device. Using technobabble sensors it finds evidence of a "perfect biological weapon". Of course it sends some Terninators. To Garrison System Upsilon. Predators are drawn to the coming conflict.

Now my idea is using a play by post format for the overall game. I know a site where I can strictly control who sees what thread. With an agreed upon post rate, you could keep interaction between groups at a steady rate.

I've mentioned different groups, my idea is to have this be a massive pvp insanity. Colonial Marines, Scientists, Corporate Merc, Resistance Fighters from Terminator universe. Not to mention players for the Terminators, Predators, and Queen Mothers.

Frankly it's probably a pipe dream. Just getting that many players together would be hard. What would make it massively more fun would be for players NOT to know what other factions and enemies there were out there.

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