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ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

Mon 04 Jan 2021, 21:04

This person introduced their son to the franchise through the Alien RPG, having his son and wife play through a recreation of the first movie. It's fascinating to see the similarities and differences from the movie, and how they acted and reacted, not knowing what would happen. You can read it here: ... e-rpg.html
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Re: ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

Wed 13 Jan 2021, 02:50

I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing
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Re: ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

Wed 13 Jan 2021, 17:04

A very comprehensive and thoughtful approach to introducing someone to the universe. And a good read... :D
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Re: ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

Fri 29 Jan 2021, 13:28

That was brilliant! It does seem to point out the way armour works in the game is a bit flawed though. They never discovered Ash was a robot, and I loved the fact Dallas conspired with him.
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Re: ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

Tue 23 Feb 2021, 02:31

Just read that last night. Such a great way to spend time with his family as well as introduce his son to Alien.

I've been introducing my kids to RPGs over the past year or two but Alien might still be a bit much for them at ages 9 (daughter) and 11 (son). Thus far we've played Basic Dungeons & Dragons, West End Games Star Wars and Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Spanish Man, and TSR Marvel Super Heroes.

My son is keen to try Mōdiphiüs Star Trek Adventures but knows almost nothing about Star Trek so I've told him he needs to watch at least a handful of episodes before we can play that one (and I need to get a better handle on the rules). I can just see him wanting to try Alien as well but I'm not sure he could handle the movie or the likelihood of a horrifying death for his character. :lol:

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