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Free scenario!

Thu 21 Nov 2019, 19:31

Downlad the PDF free, as with all the stuff from us at the Roleplaying CollectiveHERE 

Gorlovksy II svarar inte (Gorlovksy II doesn't respond) is a new freeform scenario in the Alien universe from Rollspelskollektivet.

The scenario's in Swedish but Google Translate is great  ;)

You don't need the rules to play the scenario Gorlovksy II svarar inte but you can if you really want to.

Gorlovksy II svarar inte is all about internal conflict within a mining crew set for the Gorlovsky II complex on the asteriod Pagu 1062. There's no GM and the players all share the PCs collectively. The Xenomorph can't be beaten and the scenario ends when all the PCs are dead. 
Gratis rollspelsmaterial på
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Re: Free scenario!

Wed 04 Mar 2020, 05:01

if you can post it in english ...
it would be great man ...
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Re: Free scenario!

Sun 08 Mar 2020, 02:35

You can run it through Google translate.
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