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Talents: Different Names, Same Powers

Sat 09 Nov 2019, 15:53

I was wondering about how to differentiate Career Talents that have the same power but a different name. For example, Past the Limit (Colonial Marine) and True Grit (Roughneck) both give a character the ability to push any skill roll based on STRENGTH twice, not just once. So, basically they are the same Talent with a different name to match the career. 

I don't mind this too much (and I'm willing to leave it as is), but I kind of like the idea of making these Talents more situational. Keep the power of the Talent, but it can only be used if invoked in a certain situation or with a player narrative true to its description. This would make the Talent more unique.

OR...make the Talent more focused on a particular skill within an attribute group, but do not increase STRESS LEVEL when pushing the first time.

So, the keyword in Past the Limit is "tough," which fits nicely with the STAMINA skill. Keep the description, but change the push rules as follows: You can push the STAMINA skill twice, not just once like other characters. Only the second push increases your STRESS LEVEL by one, not the first.

These are just initial thoughts. I want to gain a lot more play experience first before doing any house rules.

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