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A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Sun 11 Aug 2019, 08:23

Do you have another feedback system set up for this new chapter, do we need to use the old one or shall we post them here?

BTW, I found on page 160 (page 13 of the pdf) the following "NoRthing is for free..."
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Sun 11 Aug 2019, 13:13

p 161: SEEG Bills...
"these bills bare only the Seegson logo" should be "these bills bear only the Seegson logo"
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Sun 11 Aug 2019, 23:19

On page 161, both Peter Weyland and Charles Bishop Weyland are mentioned as being on the WY-Dollars, yet according to multiple sources, those two characters don't exist in the same universe. Also, the Wiki states that Peter Weyland is the founder of Weyland Corp, while stating that Charles Bishop Weyland is the founder of Weyland Industries. The latter fact was only presented in Aliens vs. Predator and it is famously known that Ridley Scott did not consider AVP as a part of the canon. There is no mention of Charles Bishop Weyland on the Alien Anthology website although there is a mention of Michael Bishop from Alien 3. 

Great piece of work though on all of this. I'm very impressed and can't wait for the Core book to come out. 

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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Mon 12 Aug 2019, 16:05

I dont have any erratas or anything yet, gonna read through it again in more detail and see what I can find.

But Im very impressed with the preview, I love the way its written and it really opens up my imagination! If the rest of the book stays at this level its gonna be one helluva book :)
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Tue 13 Aug 2019, 05:12

So far, looking at only the ship stats, I see the following errata/issues:
Page 175, the Corvus is missing FTL Rating.
Page 166, the G class ships shows a crew of 3, while Pages 175 and 181 show a crew of 6.
Page 194, The FTL IS 3 instead of 2 like on pages 186.
Pages 186 and 195, both Overpowered Thrusters & Stealth must have been purchased twice based on the basic stats for the R Class on page 166.
Page 183, how does the FTL get down to 5 from 12 on page 166? Boosted Drives can only be purchased six times (per page 178).
Page 166, Class M ships have 6 crew, and FTL 12.
Pages 181, 182, and 185 all show both Bisons with a crew of 7.
Page 182 shows 88H with a FTL of 8, but only shows 2 Boosted Drives instead of 4.  Page 185 shows 88H with a FTL of 6, but only two Boosted Drives.
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Sat 17 Aug 2019, 17:33

It would be great if each ship design and model had the relevant cost listed.
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Sat 17 Aug 2019, 19:00

Not errata, but I would prefer ship art etc not to have the names/logos from the movies everywhere (or to many Ripley lookalikes). Try to show more of the varities of the setting/world, not just from the movies we have all seen. More like 2300AD did it (like Aliens with the license plates scraped off...). I want to play in/ see a bigger universe.
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Thu 22 Aug 2019, 23:07

I picked up a few things:

p150 'Ion thruster build speed up...' should be 'thrusters'

p151 'Stasis protects space travelers from the NDD, with the added..' should be 'NDDs' to be consistent with the other references in the chapter?

p161 The paragraph starting 'Conversion rates are always in flux' is missing a line-break above it.

p162 The chart of weekly salary ranges should be clearer if the values were separated by a hyphen, eg: $500 - $640. Also the descriptions under 'Includes but is not limited to' should all start with capital letters in order to be consistent with other tables in the chapter, eg: Miners, prospectors, farmers...

p171 Under the heading 'Tractor hitch': 'weighing over a million 100,000 tons' - two issues here are mixing written numbers and numerals, and I'm not sure what number you're trying to get at - do you mean one hundred thousand million, ie: 100,000,000,000?

p172 The chart, for 'Corporate Suite' the price is missing commas, ie: $1 000 000 should be $1,000,000

p196 Final sentence of the 'Fire weapon' paragraph, the 'success' symbol has rendered as 'ÄÄ' in my version of the PDF instead of the icon.


Comments more generally:

When reading about FTL travel it suddenly occurred to me that it would be really weird to be able to travel faster than light, but for communications not to be able to. I was interested to see that the 'Communications' section does address this, but only very briefly under 'Communications array': '...some for interstellar FTL communications and others for intrasystem communication'. This is the only reference that faster than light communication is even possible. Presumably it's glossed over because it's less interesting from the perspective of playing the game (perhaps communication arrays use quantum entanglement, or maybe its safe to send signals through miniature wormholes but not people...)

It would be good to reference the 'Planetfall' section on p167 from the Piloting skill description. I remember that the cinematic starter PDF basically suggested that if you failed your piloting roll when landing you 'crash and burn', whereas this section is a lot more detailed! (3 successive failures!). Maybe that'll be different in the final version of the rules though [=
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Tue 01 Oct 2019, 23:35

Pretty sure FTL communication in Alien involves ships physically transporting messages and data. 

Maybe there could be automated FTL drones that just shuttle messages back and forth between systems...
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Re: A Hard Life Amongst The Stars - Erratas

Tue 08 Oct 2019, 21:54

I'm confused: was this another pre-order bonus apart from the Chariot of the Gods starter PDF?
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