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Neomorph Decision Issues

Tue 09 Jul 2019, 15:55

So on my first playthrough I had some issues with running the Neomorphs. Since they have different and limited skills/stats I found it difficult to make some decisions for them. For instance a PC had barricaded himself behind a door and I had the neomorph ram the door. I wasn't sure how to roll for this regarding the alien breaking the door. I figured it was kind of unlikely but with neomorphs rolling 10 dice for a single attack I figured it could be possible. The second instance was they decided to open the airlock and vent the ship with the neomorph near the airlock. Again I had trouble figuring out how to roll for the alien. I ended up just rolling for mobility. I'm hoping for more detailed stats on the aliens as to make it a little easier to roll for them.
Did anyone else run into this kind of situation? Suggestions?
I also had a situation where there were 2 PCs nearby and I had to figure out which one to attack first. I just rolled a d6 for each PC and the high roll got attacked first. 
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Re: Neomorph Decision Issues

Tue 09 Jul 2019, 17:22

For things like the barricaded door my go to rule of thumb is just roll a d6; on a 1 the bad thing happens.

On a 1 the barricade fails, or the creature finds another way in.
Person shoots a gun toward an outer bulkhead? On a 1 they puncture the hull.
Person drops a delicate item? On a 1 it breaks.
Trust me; 1s come up WAY more often than you think, and makes it super easy.

Airlock: Mobility or Stamina sound right for something like that. 

Random roll to see who to attack seems fine, but also put yourself in the creature's shoes; is one person an obvious bigger threat? Maybe take them out first. Or if someone is wounded or vulnerable, take THEM out. 
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Re: Neomorph Decision Issues

Wed 10 Jul 2019, 09:27

Piercing a bulkhead is covered in the ACSK, on page 71, and the Armor Values are on p.63....
Now, just holing it won't get it in... 
But I'd suggest the first 6 hits the wall between. 
If this holes the wall, additional 6's increase the of the hole. 
[+] just enough for the attacking limb; wall provides cover (again) against the person. Later attacks at -2 for poor visibility and receive cover 
___ [+] hit intended target for remaining damage
[+][+] It can reach through. Cover negated for targets close to the hole. Visibility still impaired.
[+][+][+] Going through is a slow and hazardous action. (Mobility check or stopped and take 1 hit), attacks to those close to the hole unpenalized.
additional [+] Remove hazardous
Additional [+] fast action instead of slow.
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Re: Neomorph Decision Issues

Wed 10 Jul 2019, 20:05

Although I was not in the same problem as CynicalMo, I was thinking on this issue too.

In case a PC suggests to barricade inside an area or a room like NPCs did, to solve this, I was thinking that neomorphs and abominations from Chariots of the Gods may use the airlocks even to go up and down to different decks. This is going to be my way to solve this problem: they always have an airlock to enter in the area.

But the solution proposed by CynicalMo is a good solution too... Search in the table the lowest damage attack and roll the dice against the wall.
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Re: Neomorph Decision Issues

Tue 16 Jul 2019, 23:54

I had a similar issue. In this case, they trapped it in a small hallway between two rooms (the med bay and the medpods to be exact). I used the rules for attacking a door, but just rolled to see what attack the creature would use, adapting them as necessary. For instance, I ruled the armor piercing attacks were not armor piercing against the door, for instance. 

Now, in this case, it was a bit more interesting, because I ruled that there were small viewports in the doors that they could shoot through. Their intent was to trap and kill it, since just barricading it meant it would eventually get through. However, because the viewport was small, they either had to get close to shoot with guns, thereby making themselves vulnerable. Or, they could use the flamethrower and bounce the shot off the ceiling (this is an actual thing shown in the old Colonial Marines Manual). However, in that case the creature got cover from the door. 

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