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Re: 40th Anniversary Edition

Tue 20 Aug 2019, 10:51

I agree. I do like the special edition, it's simple and elegant, however, the regular cover it's also very good. Maybe the best would be to have a slipcase with the special edition design with the regular book inside? Best of both worlds. But probably too late for that.
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Re: 40th Anniversary Edition

Tue 20 Aug 2019, 21:29

Given that they've taken down the preorder page... yeah, probably too late.. or maybe just under the wire.
I just couldn't afford to go full collector on it...
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Re: 40th Anniversary Edition

Wed 21 Aug 2019, 08:48

Agree with weapon art (and why do every ship need to be exactly the one from the movie?). Paint a larger picture, with more variation and new inspiration - we all know what we are getting into and how the movies looks, so show new stuff and art from the setting. Extrapolate!

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Re: 40th Anniversary Edition

Mon 30 Sep 2019, 01:11


Having seen the preview from the newsletter, I take back what I said. With the alien texting that looks much better.
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