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Re: First Aid

Thu 04 Jul 2019, 08:09

Think of the alien movies as well.  Which this scenario is like. Very few survived after being injured. In both the movies, and this game, the death of characters is fully expected.
2 of the 5 crew made it out ... as Lucas only needed one sample, and didn't want the other one blabbing. The first sample doesn't remember anything. 

Two were beheaded by aliens, one tossed out of the EEV by Lucas...

Oh, and 1 of the Cronus' survivors also got ditched by Lucas.
Also as mentioned before, this is a common limitation on medical treatment found in the other Fria Ligan games.  It is quite different from other RPG games like D&D and Pathfinder.
Yep, the fights are brutal, but like WFRP 1E, being out of HP isn't instant death. Well, in Alien, 32/36 times...
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