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Cold-Blooded Talent

Posted: Sat 29 Jun 2019, 00:56
by hibishop
A possible Cold-Blooded talent is listed under COUP DE GRÂCE on Page 65:  "If you have the Cold-Blooded talent, you can kill defenseless enemies without this negative effect."

Unfortunately, this is the only mention of "cold-blooded" in the ALIEN Cinematic Starter Kit.  Possibly a holdover/copy-and-paste error from Forbidden Lands, as evident under COUP DE GRACE on Page 108 of the Forbidden Lands Player's Handbook:  "If you have the COLD-BLOODED talent you can kill defenseless enemies without these negative effects."

Re: Cold-Blooded Talent

Posted: Thu 04 Jul 2019, 04:51
by Toneturbo
I think the key thing I got from this, is that a character will need to fail an Empathy roll in order to Coup De Grace another human being in the game.  In any case, the killing character will gain STRESS for trying or actually doing it.

This are important rules, even if none of the characters actually have the cold-blooded talent.  I'm sure some players will find the opportunity to Coup De Grace an opponent as a good way to achieve their agendas at some point. ;^)

Re: Cold-Blooded Talent

Posted: Tue 06 Aug 2019, 21:24
by hibishop
Ignoring the Cold-Blooded Talent typo for the moment, I noticed the COUP DE GRÂCE rules only applies to human being enemies:  "If it’s a human being and you want to kill your target outright..."

While it makes sense to roll against Empathy before killing your own kind, I was disheartened that COUP DE GRÂCE does not apply to Synthetics or Xenomorphs, which include Neomorphs and Abominations (you know, the likely antagonists for this setting).

For comparison, the COUP DE GRACE rule in Forbidden Lands specifies "If it’s an intelligent being (with Wits) and you want to give him a COUP DE GRACE and kill him outright..."  Using that those rules, Xenomorphs cannot be COUP DE GRÂCE as "Xenomorphs don’t have attributes like humans" (page 150), but Synthetics are free game.  Then again, I think I would feel more Empathy for a Stage I:  Infected former crew member than a Synthetic.  

Questions for clarification:
1. Is a Stage I:  Infected considered to be a Xenomorph or Human Being?
2. Should "it’s a human being and" limitation be removed/edited from the COUP DE GRÂCE statement?  Perhaps going back to the Forbidden Lands, "If it’s an intelligent being (with Wits)..."

Re: Cold-Blooded Talent

Posted: Sun 15 Sep 2019, 19:16
by Riggswolfe
I don't think this is a typo. This is just the starter kit. The cold blooded talent is probably in the core game along with other talents we haven't seen, character generation, etc. My guess is it'll be a "general" talent anyone can get or maybe only available to combat characters like Marines and Colonial Marshalls.