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Re: NPC stress and panic

Wed 19 Jun 2019, 02:48

Thanks for the thoughts. I am going to try my way and see how it works.

As a clarification, I'm not doing this to try and protect the PC's perse, but more to enhance the whole "play to find out" type playstyle. Just in playing through Chariot of the Gods I noticed there were multiple times it would have been reasonable for the NPC to panic, but also not panic. In other words, ambiguous. At those times -and admittedly this may be my own personal weakness- it was difficult for me to determine if my desire to cause/avoid panic was in the best interest of the overall story.
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Re: NPC stress and panic

Fri 21 Jun 2019, 07:16

After session 1 of Chariot,  I've decided that I'm just going to track stress for NPC crew - it's just much easier for me to apply the same rule to the crewmates. That they won't push? no biggie. But I wound up passing off the NPCs anyway to the PCs to control in combat...

I enjoyed session 1. We got most of act I done,
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