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Companies in the Middle Heavens

Posted: Thu 13 Jun 2019, 15:03
by AlexanderMars
I was thinking a great thread would be one where we post short bios of companies that players might work for or interact with. Everyone knows Weyland Yutani, but there’s also Hyperdyne(traditionally the largest company in the setting) and New Eden/JV all of which will probably get written up in the Books. What about the contractors, the business that actually get things done for the big boys. I’ll start.

Hamilton Survey and Expedition.
A family owned outfit that started out prospecting rocks in the home system. After shrewdly manoeuvring their way into managing expeditions for midsized corps in the early interstellar days, they eventually acquired their own ships after several highly profitable expeditions.

Today HSE offers reputable logistical and operational support for small to midsized corporations that don’t have their own in-house resources. HSE operates a small fleet of ships, and has the ability to supply almost all of the equipment an expedition may need. They’re also known for being able to source reliable subcontractors to help with the particular staffing needs of expeditions.

The current director is Erica Hamilton, whose been running HSE for 45 years. The company is headquartered in a facility orbiting above Titan. One of the reasons Hamilton has such a great reputation is their hands on approach, a family member accompanies every expedition as an advisor.