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How will you run an Alien game?

Posted: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 07:28
by Konungr
This is my plan for running it.

I am going to only play at night or in a dark basement/room where we can get full darkness. Everyone will either get Holloween glow stick necklaces to see by or I will get a black light and some high contrast dice.

The players will sit on a couch, with a table in front of them, facing a wall. I will sit behind them, use my laptop with a alien sound board, a cup of water so I can flick water on the back of their neck, tapping them on their shoulders, and throwing books on the ground for jump scares.

I will get a little cheap red strobe light from Spencers or some gak. If they decide to blow the ship up they will do so on an actual timer with the red strobe going the whole time, and me counting down, t minus x minutes till self destruct.

I plan to really scare people.

What about everyone else? What are your plans for Alien?

Re: How will you run an Alien game?

Posted: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 08:59
by paulbaldowski
I run 90% of my games at conventions and my eyesight isn't great at the best of times, so I'll stick to well lit rooms!

In running horror games for other RPGs, I have never had cause to use special effects, subdued lighting or sound boards to get people uneasy, on edge or scared—that's the nature of the situations, the challenges and the storytelling.

However, I can imagine that your setup will serve its purpose well. I'm just one of those people that turns the water spray off when I go to see a 4DX film...

Re: How will you run an Alien game?

Posted: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 10:55
by Valyar
Unfortunately (or fortunately) the same way I used to run my games so far. Face-to-face games are in well lit rooms (we use books, character sheet and have to read dice, right?) with possible ambient/music/effects over bluetooth speaker we have. When I play online - Discord and audio rerouting of Spotify/Browser for ambient/music/effects to second instance that is connected via virtual audio cable. 

Re: How will you run an Alien game?

Posted: Tue 11 Jun 2019, 18:07
by Airborne
First Aliens game was Leading  Edge`s game, we used  Ainsty casting bug hunt corridors, Denizen, LE figures and any range suitable,  Last game last year AVP figures and scratch buildings. At my age I`ll take the,"If it ai`nt  broke don`t fix it  route, New rules, old toys to show the way. Cheers all. 

Re: How will you run an Alien game?

Posted: Sat 15 Jun 2019, 06:03
by aramis
the group I have wanting to play is in another state, so VOIP... with the group cozy in G's living room, and me in my rig. (they use a table mic.)

I miss seeing their faces, and using non-verbal cues... I used to game with them FTF.