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Posted: Fri 07 Jun 2019, 17:40
by chrisdw
I apologies if this has been asked before but each character sheet in the Cinematic Starter Kit has a trait listed, for example, Miller has "thrifty" but these are never referenced in the cinematic rules. Are these a hold over from another version of the rules? I've just been ignoring them at the moment,

Chris Downes-Ward

Re: Traits

Posted: Fri 07 Jun 2019, 18:25
by Glimpse
A trait is just a quick way of identifying a quirk or aspect of a character or non-player character and somewhat a role-playing aspect of them.

Re: Traits

Posted: Fri 07 Jun 2019, 21:40
by CynicalMo
Yeah, they don’t have specific rules attached but provide more fodder for role playing the characters.

Re: Traits

Posted: Wed 12 Jun 2019, 15:40
by hibishop
Agreed; the inclusion of Traits without accompanying mechanics is confusing. I, too, thought this might be a holdover from previous version of rules.

Paired with Age, I can understand how both of these are merely suggestions on how to play the character. But as a GM, I will likely instruct my players to ignore Traits completely, trusting my players to develop their own quirks or aspects through gameplay.

As for NPC with Traits: Same thoughts; trust the GM to develop quirks or aspects as needed to support the gameplay.

Re: Traits

Posted: Wed 12 Jun 2019, 17:31
by AlexanderMars
The Coriolis QS omits all of the character creation rules, and the Alien QS is very similar. Just like the Alien QS, Coriolis QS doesn’t really describe Talents at all, however talents are important to the game. I’m sure that when the core book is out, traits will either be detailed as a way to add flavour to a PC or they’ll be “helpful” notes only found on pregen characters and NPCs.