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Thu 06 Jun 2019, 14:02

I have decided to open a new thread but I do thinking about the conclusions that I read in the thread "Chariot of the Gods" (in "Setting" subforum) about the namesake module included with the starter kit. I have to admit that I have not played the adventure yet but I have read thoroughly, so I have been thinking about possible questions or dilemmas that can merge in this but other adventures to come.

In this case, it's about "PvP" or Player versus Player situations.

Rulebook says that it comes when a single PC confronts with the rest of the PCs. That player or PC ends the scene, he turns traitor and then the player choose an NPC to keep playing.

- First question is: what is scene referred to? Is it an "Act" or it is a scene like in a movie?

- Second question is: if it is a "scene" like a movie (short space of time), sometimes it could be a bit anticlimactic. Maybe the player turned traitor wants to keep playing with his/her traitor and do not want to choose an NPC. I am thinking, for example, in the Third Act... there is not much time to play and the "traitor" has to choose an NPC and roleplaying her/him for 10, 20 minutes? I think is better to keep playing the traitor so we can avoid that anticlimactic feeling.
I know that, according to the rules, the PvP rule is under GM discretion ("It's out to the GM to call out when a Player Versus Player situation escalates beyond the point of no return."), so it is not necessary for a GM to apply the rule but maybe the rule could need better clarification.
Anyway, maybe I am wrong and it is better that player choose an NPC. I insist, I have not played the scenario yet so I could be wrong.

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Re: PvP

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 15:26

Well, in Chariot, for instance, the traitor turn is mostly when the PC has been infected and begins to attack the party as the change overcomes them. They'll be a full blown monster soon enough and the GM needs to take control of that character to maintain the survivors vs neomorphs atmosphere. 

Of course, it could also be when someone is acting out their agenda and it may not lead to PvP and instead just a great roleplaying situation, but it is recommended to wait till Act 3 to do just that.

Once the PC is infected and mutating, they need to pick a new "non-infected" character to play. It's not a matter of how much time is left, it's for story purposes and to keep the survivors together against the monsters.

A scene is usually defined as a period of time where things happen in a certain location. It's rather vague in it's description, because a scene can be anything from stopping by a gas station to grab some fuel and a drink, to 8 hours at a nightclub.

Of course, in a Campaign situation, that will be different since people like to play their same characters over and over, but there should be little to no PVP.
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Re: PvP

Thu 06 Jun 2019, 19:00

Yes, I know and of course I agree with you... but I was not talking about "abominations" (of course, they are unplayable by players).

And now this could be a spoiler of "Chariot of the Gods":

I was referring to other cases like androids or in some cases humans with incompatible agendas with the rest of the group (agent of Weyland Yutani for example). I think these PCs could be still played, particularly in the third act. In other way it could be anticlimactic for that player.  
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Re: PvP

Fri 07 Jun 2019, 13:55

So my understanding is this could be at anytime when *spoilers*

The android is discovered, as he/ has been mascerading as part of the human crew and upon discovering they're an android is secretly amongst them they're probably going to attempt to beat him to death.
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Re: PvP

Sat 15 Jun 2019, 04:08

There's a bit in the adventure that reminds that PC's who become unavailable can be traded for one of the remaining NPCs...
page 106.
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