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Alien: The Blueprints

Posted: Sun 02 Jun 2019, 19:34
by VaeVictis9
Coming to Amazon on September 3rd is Alien: The Blueprints.

I'm really hoping this book contains interiors for ships to add more in Alien RPG games. This would add quite a bit to games and have something to show players.

From the preview art I see the outside of the ship Nostromo and Prometheus. It also has the P5000 power loader and M577 Marine Armored Personal Carrier. ... 0DER&psc=1

From Amazon:

Technical drawings of all the major ships and vehicles from the Alien movies, presented in incredible detail. Includes iconic spacecraft like the Nostromo, the Sulaco and the Covenant.

Alien: The Blueprints is a collection of brand new blueprints of all the major vehicles, ships and technology of the Alien movie universe. Artist Graham Langridge delves deep into the concept art, set designs and photography to recreate full and accurate blueprints of the drop ship, the Sulaco, the Nostromo and many more. Covering all the movies including Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, this is a must-have for any Alien fan.

Re: Alien: The Blueprints

Posted: Sun 02 Jun 2019, 23:26
by CynicalMo
*Quietly adds to wishlist*

Re: Alien: The Blueprints

Posted: Mon 03 Jun 2019, 12:24
by Kalle_Katulu
Exelent sourcebook.
Thank you for the link.
Placed in my wishlist.

Re: Alien: The Blueprints

Posted: Wed 12 Jun 2019, 17:08
by Airborne
Thank you wondered how this old soul would  enlarge these .If you`re using a location several times I like a model if possible other wise floor plans are ace. Cheers