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Re: Things I hope to see

Posted: Fri 14 Jun 2019, 07:38
by Xenomrph
I really prefer sourcebooks over scenarios, and would love to have books detailing different factions their facilities(locations) and equipment. I’ve been a bit disappointed with the Coriolis supplements so far, they’re almost entirely scenarios and the few that aren’t leave you with more questions than answers. Actually the Coriolis Atlas Compendium kinda pisses me off, it’s an “atlas” without a single map.

So what I want to see, details about the UPP(an entire sourcebook please) some of their colonies(maps please!) installations and the equipment they might deploy when fighting Xenomorphs. The same for Three World Empire and the ICSC worlds. Maybe it can all be one big “mothers guide to the middle heavens” with a section in the back for randomly rolling up colonies. etc.
Absolutely agree, I love sourcebooks.

Also, I'd love to see shout-outs to the old Leading Edge Aliens RPG, and other obscure pieces of lore. I love that kind of stuff.

Re: Things I hope to see

Posted: Sat 15 Jun 2019, 05:30
by aramis
A corebook with at least as wide a variety of threats as the old Leading Edge Aliens Adventure Game, but with at least as much detail as we see in the preview each.

A nice map of local routes, and rules for using them. 

Good advice on the genre... 

My preference is combined sourcebook & adventure... always has  been. each expansion 1/3 setting detail, 1/3 mechanical add on, 1/3 adventure, ±1/9 each...